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Dear Friends:

As we begin this holiday shopping season, we should all protect our privacy and safeguard our identity from cyber criminals. Recent data breaches at some of the nationís largest retailers heighten the necessity to protect our identities and financial transactions.

A few things you can do for greater protection are;

∑        Never disclose your payment card numbers or Personal Identification Number (PIN) to unsolicited email messages, text messages or phone calls.

∑        Take precautions at checkout counters, ATM machines and gas pumps. Make sure devices have not been installed over the normal card reader to steal your personal information. Ensure that no one else is in close proximity viewing your personal information being entered by you. Never give your card and pin number to anyone to perform transactions for you. It is safer to have additional cards issued to authorized people. Make sure store personnel swipe your card once through one card reader. A second swipe on a second card reader may be an attempt to steal your personal information to generate a counterfeit card.

∑        Closely monitor your bank statements and transaction history to ensure only authorized activity has been processed. Your credit card activity should also be routinely monitored for the same reason.

∑        Online shopping should be done on encrypted secure sites (https will be at the start of the web address) and denote encryption.

∑        When disposing of your electronic equipment (phones, computers, etc.), ensure that all personal and financial information has been removed before proper disposal

Harvest Community Bank safeguards your account information in various industry standard ways and we take that responsibility very seriously. If you have any problems, please contact our branch personnel immediately, so we can expedite a resolution for you. If you are travelling out of the area, let us know so that we can ensure your authorized transactions are processed wherever you are.

The Board of Directors and staff of Harvest Community Bank thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday season.


Frank J. Mc Entee

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