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About Us : President's Message

Dear Friends,

We’ve all heard that summer is a great time to kick back and relax. I particularly enjoy picnics, chilling out in my lounge chair, lazing around at the beach, and reading a good book. But problems and hassles don’t necessarily disappear just because it’s summer. There are still stressful times, whether you’re trying to keep kids occupied, find a job, keep up with your job, manage all that family “together time” on vacation, or juggle your finances.

With all that said, summer is a good time to take stock of your various situations. What can you give up? What can you change? How can you spend more time with your family? How can you improve yourself, your skills or your finances? Maybe you want to do this alone, with friends or advisers or with your family. Whatever you decide, try to make these next six months better than the first.

If any Harvest team members can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to make the difference. Hopefully, we can raise your spirits and get you in a more positive frame of mind! As we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of D Day and our other patriotic holidays, take the time to give thanks for our veterans and service persons who have guarded our freedom and continue to do so.


Dennis Engle
President & CEO

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